Trust our passion for feeding pets since 1954, through 3 generations of hoomans and 6+ generations of pups

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Established in 1954, we have been the first manufacturers in Europe to produce dry kibble. When no one else had developed specific feeding for our furry friends, Doctor Veterinarian Armelio Cristalli was pioneering the ideal formula for any subject, from puppies to working dogs. Read More

Formulated and produced in the heart of Italy using only the best ingredients

What Our Customers Say

"I have been using Nutrix Piu' for over 10 years! Fantastic product, my dogs are healthy and never had any issue related to diet"

Veronica Bardi

“This is the best kibble, great value for money!"

Adro Morza

"Great food for 7 wolf-dogs, all in perfect shape "

Roberto Rossi

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