About Us

Established in 1954, we have been the first manufacturers in Europe to produce dry kibble. When no one else had developed specific feeding for our furry friends, Doctor Veterinarian Armelio Cristalli was pioneering the ideal formula for any subject, from puppies to working dogs.

Since then, we have always been focusing on providing the best possible natural feeding. This is why we only use the best ingredients, all of italian origins (except Whole Herrings of the North Sea), all certified for human consumption and free of any GMOs.

Since the 80s, Armelio's son Claudio Cristalli, Doctor in Pharmaceutical Studies, has been improving the formulas, creating a wide range of products to fulfill any possible need of any modern dog, from gestation and lactation to high energy work activity and shows.
Every aspect of our food has been carefully studied to respond to the needs of our furry friends: the biscuits are irregularly shaped and of different dimensions in order to stimulate chewing and keeping the teeth healthy.  

Nowadays, Armelio's grandchildren are focusing on combining these best-in-class formulas together with behavioral science, as the optimal diet needs to be integrated with mental and physical health practices to deliver the best possible well being.

We love pets and we love taking care of pets. This love has always driven us to conduct research solely through providing our dogs and cats with our final products. We never run any medical or chemical tests on animals.